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Social Responsibility Projects

Construction of Hydrotherapy Facility at Mihindu Seth Medura

The Mihindu Seth Medura is a special complex managed by the Ministry of Defence and Urban Development of Sri Lanka and serves as the home for fifty soldiers of the Sri Lankan armed forces, who were rendered critically disable in the war against terrorism. The complex provides maximum comfort in terms of accommodation while being equipped with state of the art medical and rehabilitation facilities. However this facility is currently in need of a swimming pool for conducting hydrotherapy treatments for the resident soldiers.

The YCF has identified that the Construction of a swimming pool for Mihindu Seth Medura to be a most worthwhile Social Responsibility venture. In addition to strengthen the existing ties between our remaining heroes of the armed forces and the construction industry, the primary objective of this venture is to gain positive recognition from various stakeholders within the general society and in return to raise the profile of the Forum.