Our Mission

To bring forward young professionals involved in the construction industry to one forum and to facilitate the exchange of new ideas, opinions and constructive criticism.

Who We Are

Young Constructors forum is a group of young professionals representing many construction companies in Sri Lanka.

Our Objective

To provide a forum where young professionals involved in construction industry to work together to promote change and spread best practice.

Young Constructors Forum

Young Constructors' Forum (YCF) of Sri Lanka represents a community of young Professionals within the construction sector. The group comprises individuals from leading construction firms in the country. They are engaged in various activities aimed at enhancing the construction industry in Sri Lanka.

YCF widely recognized as the host for the "Transcendence", which focuses on themes on how to propel the Sri Lankan construction sector, this event provides a platform to foster discussions and engagement among stakeholders in the construction sector. YCF has forged partnerships with other entities for the betterment of the construction industry. In early 2022, a collaborative agreement was signed with Construction Trade Technologies (Pvt) Ltd., to streamline the procurement of construction materials for member companies.

Amidst the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, YCF has been proactive in seeking innovative solutions to accelerate the post-COVID recovery of the construction industry in Sri Lanka. YCF also has been involved in charitable acts like donating critical medical equipment to local hospitals during various outbreaks, demonstrating commitment to social responsibility. The activities and collaborations of YCF underscore its pivotal role in not only promoting professional development among Constructors but also contributing to the broader construction industry and societal welfare in Sri Lanka.